Apartment Living  

Referencing one of the old apartment blocks walking distance from my unit in Mosman Park, in Perth WA .Often referred to as the battle flats.....I truly challenged my self with this one. Keeping it simple is harder than it looks!

Still available for purchase.    


The Stirling

The time I feel most inspired at the moment seems to be when I'm driving, still not sure why. Life does seem to be about journey and destination. In a in a literal sense I used the Stirling Hwy. Its is a road often travelled to get to so many different locations. 

So many shapes an familiar scenes moving past so fast. It drives me pretty crazy at the best of times, a lot of congestion and suddenly turning cars. Coping with this it helps to sometimes go on autopilot, fading out into an imaginary Hwy occupied by only me, all my surroundings saturated in colours and simple shapes...

Still available for purchase.     




The Suburbs

Exploring the theme of growing up in the suburbs. I was brought up in country Geraldton an moved to Perth when I was ten, an have been here ever since. Jacaranda trees seem to have followed me throughout my journey to the city. Seeing them brings me a feeling of comfort and nostalgia. They remind me of how beautiful Perth really is.

I've left parts of the houses blank to represent the time an planning to create a house. Each one is unique like the home owner and the environment we grow up in has life long effects... I referenced this painting from a drone shot taken by @alexclapin 

Still available for purchase.